Cross Country Terms and Conditions of Carriage


Intending Passengers are expected to arrive at least 30 minutes before the estimated time of departure. We will not be liable to you for any loss or expense whatsoever resulting from your failure to comply fully with this. Confirmed tickets will be surcharged 50% of the fare if passenger fails to turn up before departure.

Luggage Allowance

Passengers are entitled to a maximum of 10kg medium sized luggage per ticket for comfort and safety purposes. Please note that luggage's above the minimum allowed will attract an additional fee per kilo gram. Electronics, Laptops and other valuable items are not to be placed in the trunk of our vehicles, but carried as hand luggage. Please note that Hazardous materials will not be accepted. All luggages are carried at owner's risk. The Company will not bear any liability for loss or damages luggage where goods and value are not declared.


Scope of basic insurance cover is: Death NGN200,000; Medical expenses NGN40,000; Burial Expenses NGN20,000 (Loss of) Both Feet NGN200,000; Both hands NGN200,000; Both Eyes NGN 200,000; One Hand and One Foot NGN 200,000; One Hand and One Eye NGN200,000; One Foot and One Eye NGN 200,000; One Foot; 100,000; One Hand NGN100,000; One Eye only NGN100,000;

Departure Time

Note that Departure and Arrival time are given as a guide only and we are at Liberty to change schedules without notice. CROSS COUNTRY undertakes to use its best effort to carry the passenger within reasonable time as shown on the time table. Where this is not practicable, CROSS COUNTRY LIMITED may without notice substitute vehicle or carriers and may alter or omit stops shown on the tickets in case of necessity. We assume no responsibility for making connections.


There is no refund on this ticket unless the TRIP is cancelled by Cross Country Limited and Please note that bus tickets at Cross Country Limited are not Transferable and cannot be resold to anyone else.

Changes in Fare

Our prices are subject to change without prior notice to passengers due to fuel prices and/or unforeseen economic circumstances.


In exceptional circumstances (for instance due to a bus change) we may have to change your seat number from the seat position you have earlier chosen. Vehicles earlier scheduled for the Journey are subject to change without notice

Managing Reservations

Should a Passenger decide to reschedule or reroute trip before planned day or time of travel, a call should be made to 08055555595/08028460890 or email sent to [email protected] for a reschedule at no extra charge. Reschedules after time and day of travel will attract an administrative fee of One Thousand (1000) Naira only.

Rerouting request requires administrative fee of 1000 naira as well as the difference in fare of the new route whether or not this request is made before planned day and time of travel.

International Routes

For international border crossings, passengers are encouraged to liaise with our clearing officers to facilitate Customs clearance.

Ticket Validity

We cherish our relationship with all our Passengers and have created a window for unused tickets to be utilized within a period. Tickets not used to travel or checked in have a validity of one (1) month from date of purchase, as long as the amount paid for the cancelled journey is not less than the cost of the proposed journey.

Passengers are advised to note the above terms and conditions.

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